World Communion Sunday Music

global music

World Communion Sunday is a celebration that promotes Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation. It is observed on the first Sunday of October.


Our worship music Sunday will reflect the universality of Christian music.   The 1990 Presbyterian Hymnal did a terrific job of introducing global music to the Presbyterian Church.  And the 2003 hymnal supplement Sing the Faith includes even more world music from Europe Africa, and Asia, as well as African-American and Hispanic American music.

Call To Worship

Come Now, O Prince of Peace




South Africa, Zulu melody


African Psalm

Based on a Kenyan folk song

Communion Hymn

Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ



In Christ There is No East or West

African-American Spiritual


Sent Out in Jesus’ Name



Percussion is an important part of most folk music, especially music of Africa, the Caribbean and Central/South America. Our percussionists, Roy Rinehart, June Gladding and Carolyn Tate, will use several authentic instruments to accompany our singing. Keith Scroggs will play clarinet at the postlude.


Come and worship with us!


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