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Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

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“Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”

Hymn #345

 “Remember not our past sins; let your compassion be swift to meet us.” Psalm 79:8


The author of this thoughtful text has often been called “America’s beloved Quaker poet.”  John Greenleaf Whittier wrote this hymn in 1872 to express his conviction that the way to God was through simplicity and sincerity.  It was part of his larger 17-stanza poem, “The Brewing of Soma,” published in Atlantic Monthly.  Soma was the name of an intoxicating drink used in the religious rites of a Hindu sect in India.  It was purported to put its users into a “…frenzy, an ecstatic storm of joy, an emotional trance.”  Whittier deplored this kind of religious practice popular in his day, and sought to reflect our belief in God in our love relation to others.

Whittier had little personal knowledge of hymn singing, since the Quakers did not allow singing at that time.  He once said, “Two hundred years of silence has taken all the sing out of the Quakers.”  Yet it was Whittier who also claimed, “A good hymn is the best use to which poetry can be devoted…”

Dear Lord and Father of mankind,

forgive our foolish ways;

reclothe us in our rightful mind,

in purer lives thy service find, 

in deeper reverence, praise.


Some churches today use the inclusive language “Dear Lord, Creator, good and kind,” or “Dear God, embracing humankind.”

Frederick Maker set Whittier’s poem to the tune REST in 1887 for use in the Congregational Church Hymnal.  Maker is also the composer of the hymn “Beneath the Cross of Jesus.”



I am very grateful for the musicians who offered their talents in worship this summer.

Jay Lough, Fitz Kirwin & Allison Ali, Geoff & Colin McLean, Anne Scroggs, Carolynn Baer, Eric Westrate, Carolyn Tate, June Gladding & the Music Camp children


Music Opportunities at Christ Presbyterian Church

Chancel Ringers – Tuesdays 7:30 – 8:45pm – RINGER NEEDED!

Sanctuary Choir – Wednesdays 7:30-8:45pm

Children’s Choir – Sundays 9:30 – 9:55am

Chime Choir – Sundays 12:15 – 12:45 (twice a month)

Instrumental Solo or Ensemble – Any time




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Join a Christ Presbyterian Church Music Ensemble!

music & worship

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.

Psalm 100:1-2


Sanctuary Choir

Age 14 & up Wednesday evenings, 7:30 to 8:45 starts Sept 7


Children’s Choir

K – 6th grade Sunday mornings, 9:35 to 10:00 starts Sept 18


Handbell Choir

6th grade & up Tuesday evenings, 7:30 to 8:45 starts Sept 20


Intergenerational Chime Choir

Ages 9 to 99! 2 Sundays a month, 12:15 to 12:45 starts October 2


Instrumental Ensemble

Christmas Cantata strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion mid-December


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